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Intro to AI Engineering

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The course creator Tom Chant

with Tom Chant

Course level: Intermediate

A crash course on building web apps powered by generative AI. Learn the basics of AI Engineering while building a project you can add to your portfolio to impress your future employer.

You'll learn

OpenAI API basics

Prompt engineering

Dall·E 3

AI safety


Prompt injections


Freq. & pres. penalties

Few shot approach




You'll build

Stock Reporting Tool

Use the power of OpenAI's GPT-4 model to analyse stock price data.

Translation App

Build a translation app to help with your language learning using the OpenAI API.



This course is designed for intermediate to advanced web developers seeking to boost their existing skills. If you're not there yet, explore our Frontend Developer Career Path or our free Learn JavaScript course to catch up.

Meet your teacher

The course creator

Tom Chant

I’m a tutor at Scrimba and I’ve been messing around with websites since 2004. I’m aiming to take the pain out of learning to code.

Why this course rocks

Have you been jealously eyeing the surge of OpenAI-powered apps and thinking, 'I wish I could have a piece of that'? If so, your opportunity has arrived!

In this interactive, challenge-based course, you'll start by building an app that analyses stock market data, and offers recommendations for your investments. This project harnesses the cutting-edge generative AI capabilities of the OpenAI API, using the highly advanced GPT-4 model.

But there is more! After completing the first project, you'll delve into the realm of AI-driven image generation. Utilising the powers of OpenAI’s latest image generation model, DALL·E 3, you'll learn to create stunning images from words. Additionally, we'll explore critical aspects of AI safety and delve into industry best practices—crucial knowledge for any aspiring AI engineer.

By the end of this course, you'll not only be able to integrate the OpenAI API into your apps to enhance them with remarkable AI features, but you’ll also have a strong understanding of the various settings and techniques needed to get the optimum output from the OpenAI API.

As this is a Scrimba course, there will be a ton of challenges for you to solve throughout the course, allowing you to put your new skills to the test and gain the code muscle memory you need to become a solid developer.

F to the A oracle to the Q
What is AI?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has transformed from science fiction to a real-world tool that people from all walks of life can use. But AI isn't just about robots and self-driving cars; it's about augmenting our capabilities, and making tasks easier, which opens up a world of possibilities for you.

What is an AI Engineer?

The AI Engineer is a new kind of software engineer. As Latent Space founder Swyx put it ahead of hosting the AI Engineer Summit in October 2023, 'I think software engineering will spawn a new sub-discipline, specializing in applications of AI and wielding the emerging stack effectively. The AI Engineer. This will likely be the highest-demand engineering job of the decade.'

Does this course involve building AI models?

No. The term 'AI Engineer' refers to people who use existing AI models to create new applications. The people who build AI models are known as AI Researchers or Machine Learning Engineers.